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Horizon Grading Lamp

The Horizon grading lamp is the ultimate diamond color grading or task lamp for the professional jeweler, the diamond or gem dealer, or even the hobbyist.  Its sleek, modern, space saving design makes it ideal for use on a jewelry counter, showcase or desk.  View the true color of diamonds and gems with confidence and ease.

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Shor Diamond Color Grading Master Sets
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This is the world's first certified and registered CZ diamond color grading Master Set. Why keep thousands of Dollars tied up in diamond master set? Return them to your inventory and go with the clear choice: the Shor Master Set.

When it comes to determining diamond color, the Master Set really makes the grade. Each stone is electronically graded using state of the art electronic computer technology in the Gran Colorimeter, double checked by a certified gemological laboratory A.G.A., then individually numbered and certified to ensure authenticity. The Master Set is the world's first certified and registered cubic zirconia master set available.

Just look at some of these features:

  • The largest range of reference available: E, F, G, H, J, K, l, M and N comparison stones. 
  • All stable, premium CZ, cut to expert specifications
  • A unique grading/display container crafted from color grading approved UV inhibiting Acrylite
  • The display container features a detachable lid for grading under a microscope
  • Includes 2 Tiffany display rings
  • Protective carrying pouch
  • Simulated white and yellow gold tiffany display ring stone holders for comparing mounted stones
  • A Gran Colorimeter "Color Grade" Certificate with each stone's weight, proportions and ID number
  • A unique graph showing exactly where each stone falls within its specific color range
  • Lifetime limited warranty against color changing.
Item Carat Size Stones Included Stock# Price
5 Stone Set 0.50 Carat E, G, I, K & M 1925 Buy $229.00
5 Stone Set 0.50Carat F, H J, L & N 1926 Buy $229.00
10 Stone Set 0.50 Carat E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M & N 1930 Buy $339.00
5 Stone Set 1.00 Carat E, G, I, K & M 1945 Buy $269.00
5 Stone Set 1.00 Carat F, H J, L & N 1946 Buy $269.00
10 Stone Set 1.00 Carat E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M & N 1950 Buy $439.00
Display Rings Regular Prongs Yellow DIS-200.02 Buy $3.25
White DIS-200.03 Buy $3.25
Display Rings Long Prongs Yellow DIS-210.02 Buy $3.25
White DIS-210.03 Buy $3.25