Bead Stringing Tools and Beading Needles

  Bead-EZ Spinner for Threading Seed Beads

  With a simple twist of the spindle, watch the beads load on to the needle with ease.  If you are looking for a fast way to thread seed beads, this is the answer. 

The Bead-EZ Spinner is made of hardwood with a wide base and well proportioned easy access bowl.  One big eye hook needle is included.

BDT-250.00 Buy     

Brass & Steel Beading Needles (50 per pack) Needle Type & Size Stock# Price
Brass Small (.011") 38.0907 Buy $6.40
Brass Medium (.014") 38.0908 Buy $6.80
Brass Large (.017") 38.0909 Buy $7.30
Stainless Medium (.014") 38.0912 Buy $7.20
Stainless Large (.017") 38.0913 Buy $7.65
Glue & Gum   Stock# Price

G-S Hypo-Tube Cement
  Precision applicator allows maximum control with this jeweler's cement.  Traditionally used for plastic or glass watch crystals but also great for bead stringing.  Non-brittle, dries clear.

GLU-105.00 Buy $5.00

Henrietta's Gum Arabic
Used to make self-threading needles and seal closing knots.   Water soluble, it washes off hands, tools and beads easily.   Directions conveniently on the label.

GLU-110.00 Buy $4.95
Grobet Knotting Tool

Creates secure, uniform knots. Useful for stringing pearls and other types of beads. 
38.140 Buy  $17.99
Eurotool Economy Knotting Tool

An excellent knotter at a great price.  Handle is high impact plastic and the other parts are stainless steel.
BDK-410.00 Buy $14.95


TriCord Knotting Tool

An easy way to increase your bead and pearl stringing creativity.  See also TriCord Beading Kit 
38.01910 Buy $60.05
Pro Knotting Tool
Produce a tight, consistent knot every time with this premium knotter tool.  It may be used in the left or right hand to yield professional results.  Works wonderfully with pearls and crystals strung on silk or poly thread.  The knotter tool does the work of both a beading awl and tweezer, so creating knots is easy and fun. 
BDK-400.00 Buy $24.99
 Easily applied after melting.  Removes by dipping plating item in hot water.  1 ounce stick in tube.
26.100 Buy $2.40